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ZRDF now works with 18 communities with a population of 90,000 in an area of 5.5 sq kms. Please see map. ZRDF has just started to work in three new communities of Chi-lu-ma, Chibombo, Luanshya and Masense.

The interventions are holistic and are in partnership between ZRDF and the communities and include:


  • Radically improving school infrastructure by the construction of classroom blocks and teachers’ houses, which in turn unlocks Zambian Government funding of trained teachers; also the provision of teaching materials

  • Addressing the scourge of HIV and AIDS by training local volunteers and providing them with bicycles as community based councillors, peer educators and care givers

  • Raising family income and household nutrition through subsistence farmers diversifying crops from only growing maize to include higher value crops such bananas and soya beans

  • Also improving family incomes by introducing Savings and Internal Loan Communities (SILC), which are effectively village banks, which encourage local entrepreneurial ship amongst women

  • Supporting the creation and training of community groups to provide local leadership

Before and After Chibanga School

Edris bulundu Soya Farmer celebrating a Successful Harvest


Women’s SILC Group

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