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The work of ZRDF is dependent upon the generosity of many different donors. We are extremely grateful to the many friends, supporters, legators, companies and trusts who have invested in providing this vital co-operation for community projects in Zambia.

ZRDF - Director

Mr Brandy Mungaila
Phone: +260215362211    Mobile: +260975916597
Email address: and

ZRDF - Board of Trustees
The Hon Nchima Nchinto SC   (Chairman)

Mr Samuel Chabuka                 (Treasurer)

Dr Dennis Chiwele

Dr Friday Kaunga

Mrs Patricia Napier MBE

Mr Colin Williams OBE

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The purpose of this policy is to safeguard and protect children’s rights and to ensure all members of staff of ZRDF and all stakeholders respect children’s rights

ZRDF recognizes that no child is safe from abuse and everyone is a potential abuser of children’s rights and expected child development. Children must be respected as young citizens with a valued contribution to make now and in the future. Children must be supported by family, school and the wider society to enjoy a fulfilling childhood that enables them to realize their full potential. All forms of child abuse must and will be never tolerated by our organization. This Policy is intended to ensure effective coordination amongst all staff from ZRDF, Teachers, Parents and key stakeholders working with ZRDF for the protection and development of the children of the communities we serve.

It does not only address the protection in terms of rights and obligations, but also general care and provision of the basic needs of the children.

The policy is based on pieces of legislatures that enshrines children’s rights and punitive measures for the ‘would be’ culprits or perpetrators of child abuse in any form.

  • Members of Staff, parents, teachers, children, and other stakeholders will:

  • Promote the use of appropriate language with children.

  • Desist from sexually provocative activities.

  • Respect a young person’s right to privacy.

  • Not spend excessive amount of time with children away from others.

  • Ensure no inappropriate touching of any kind to a child.

  • On no occasion draw any conclusions about others without investigating the facts.

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