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Privacy Policy


“ZRDF holds the names, addresses and gift history of all our donors on our own system to enable ZRDF to stay in contact by post. ZRDF is responsible for ensuring, as far as practicable, the integrity and security of this information.

Currently ZRDF does not contact donors by email, should this policy change we will seek your opt in approval so to do.

Any donor who wishes to stop receiving material from ZRDF should write to Baynards Zambia Trust, Baynards Manor, Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3AD, or email ZRDF will action any such request within a reasonable period not exceeding 28 days.

Similarly, if any donor wishes to see the personal information held by ZRDF or has any questions about this Privacy Policy they should write or send an email to us.

Donors should be assured that ZRDF will not share or sell such information to any third party”.

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