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Harvest Mambuka aged 43 was supported through a soya loan in 2014 as he was identified at that time as vulnerable but viable and could not afford to send his children to school. He grew one acre in the first year. By the 2018/19 season he had grown 10 acres of soya and 3 hectares of maize. He has bought a motor bike and travels to Kapiri Mposhi, an hour’s drive south of Mkushi, to buy 150 day old chicks for K1,125 which he rears by keeping them warm in a barn with a solar light. He sells them six weeks later as broilers for K60 each. He is now in the second cycle of chicken rearing and intends to make this an all year round business. During the 2017/18 season he used some of the profits to purchase an ox and cart, 2 ploughs, together with a sprayer. Now all his children go to school, including some who board. In the early days of subsistence, he was given a goat as a member of the Busa goat group and the pass on scheme. Having donated his first weened female to another, his herd has increased to 63. One of his wives also benefitted from the pass on scheme and has 12 in her own right. His next plan is to increase his acreage of soya and maize. Meanwhile, he has donated some of his land for the demo site at Busa.

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