Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation or “ZRDF” is a Non- governmental organization (NGO) registered in 2013 with Pacra and the NGO Act. ZRDF operates in the rural and marginalized areas of Mkushi and Luano districts of Central Province of Zambia. This is achieved by promoting relevant initiatives that make a difference to people’s lives through the emphasis of community led and community owned development utilizing participatory approaches in all its interventions. These interventions categorized through four key thematic areas;

  • Livelihood and food security strengthening

  • Household Economic Empowerment

  • Education, Water and Sanitation

  • Integrated Health Services focusing on HIV Prevention Services



ZRDF’s objective is to provide the means for Zambians living in very isolated rural areas to help themselves to be released from the shackles of poverty. Funding is largely provided by our UK based partner - Baynards Zambia Trust (

There are three key parts to the work ZRDF undertakes:

  1. Improving access to education for school going children

  2. Economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods through better farming methods and micro credit

  3. Economic empowerment for women through the establishment of village banks.

  4. Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, its prevention and how to live with it positively.

The work of ZRDF is dependent upon the generosity of many different donors via our partner Charity - BZT. We are extremely grateful to the many friends, supporters, legators, companies and trusts who have invested in providing this vital co-operation for community projects in Zambia.

100% of your donation goes directly to projects in Zambia.

28TH APRIL 2020

Corvid-19 Meeting


A meeting involving ZRDF on Progress made for COVID-19 in the Luano District.

In attendance were all heads of departments from government lined ministries including the District Health Director, other stakeholders and ward councillors in the district.

The chairperson who addressed the meeting for the preparedness committee is the District Commissioner for Luano District.

Currently, Masansa is considered a hotspot for COVID-19 because of an inflow of people coming from the epidemic centres (Lusaka and Copperbelt) and traders from the neighbouring countries like Tanzania.

Submitted by Shatulo Chikumbe

Mitwe meeting during coronavirus crisis
April 2020

ZRDF held a meeting in Mitwe's school building with Headmen, PTA and CBO from Mitwe and Kamimbya.  It was a follow-up meeting on the measures of COVID-19. No shaking of hands was encouraged by the headteacher and he also emphasized that there should be no social gatherings among other measures MoH gave to all Zambians.

The community provided 3 buckets with taps and hand washing soap.

The Chief's advisor - Chilolo, was assigned to address the topic of the Pandemic of COVID-19. He emphasized the importance of washing hands with soap as hand sanitizers are not commonplace in the communities.

Menstrual hygiene was discussed, despite there only being Men present - they were encouraged to be open with their female children to prevent drop out rates and bad school performance. Family planning was also addressed and that men should encourage their wives to go for family planning. This would help end hunger and poverty in the households, empower women, improve maternal health and generally save the environment.


Agriculture wise - there was an emphasis on monitoring beehives to ensure that more honey is harvested this year. Most beehives in Kamimbya were said to be occupied. A data tool was also issued to CBOs to capture the expected bags of different crops grown. Later ZRDF went ahead to monitor a field of Mr. Mwakalombe who planted cowpeas. 

Submitted by: Shatulo Chikumbe,

Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes Officer-ZRDF

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